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September 16th, 2010

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New Daileez features

September 10th, 2010

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just launched new features on the Daileez website:

  • weight diary – track your daily bodyweight (find it in the My Diary section)
  • you can choose exactly what to post on your Facebook wall (icons, summary, weight)
  • publish your microblog – your friends see this when they browse your profile
  • add the Daileez widget to your pages or blog (you can find the HTML code in Settings)

If there’s something you didn’t like on Daileez, if you have any tips for us, or maybe an idea for a new feature or a new icon, or if you have any complaint, we’d love you to tell us about it. If we really like your ideas, we’ll turn them into reality on Daileez. For the first 10 ideas we decide to turn into reality, we’ll put 5 USD on your PayPal account.

Thank you (and keep iconizing!)

Your Daileez team.

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August 30th, 2010

Get Your Own Online Diary That Lets Your Express Yourself Fully With Daileez

Online social networks are today scattered all over the internet. In addition to Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, and MySpace, there are countless other social networks you might not even have heard of. While these networks serve the purpose of helping you keep in touch with friends and family, they do not help you with keeping a track of your life – that can only be done through a diary.

Writing a diary mean documenting your days. You write what happened every day; then as time passes you read about your past events and feelings; this can be a great way to analyze how you have grown. Social networks do not offer this facility. Thankfully “Daileez” does.

Daileez can be you online diary that lets you express yourself fully. In a physical diary all you can store is text and doodles. But using Dialeez you can sign up for a free account and then start recording everyday via textual notes and emoticons.

These emoticons can be used as shortcuts too; for instance the first aid emoticon can be used to represent a visit to the doctor or an injury. The airplane icon can be used to mark journeys by air. This way you can express yourself without having to type a lot.

A bonus feature of the site is its ability to link Facebook and Twitter accounts with itself. While typing in a new message on Daileez you can choose it to simultaneously be posted on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Anybody who wants to keep a record of his days and how he / she spent them will find Daileez to be highly helpful.

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This year’s August is extraordinary!

August 4th, 2010

What’s so extraordinary about this August, you ask? It’s just another ordinary months, you think?
You couldn’t be more wrong! Did you know this August actually has 5 Sundays, 5 Mondays and
even 5 Tuesdays?!

Granted, that might not seem all that impressive to you. But the interesting thing about this is… last
time this happened was over 800 years ago! That’s really strange, right? One would think this kind
of constellation would happen more often, considering we only have 7 days in one week…

You would know if you used Daileez!

Thanks to Daileez’ built in calendar widget you could have noticed that yourself. And this is just
another thing you can find out while enjoying Daileez, the online diary. You could use Daileez to
instantly share these little interesting things with your friends. Be the first one in the group to know
these news!

Daileez calendar widget allows you to see all the days in the month in orderly manner. You can
click the days to find out what was your day like back then. This is great for those of us who are a
bit forgetful. So go ahead and try Daileez yourself!

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July 28th, 2010

Daileez: Keep A Free Visual Diary Online

Most people use their social networking accounts to keep their friends updated. While making new updates is easy, finding past updates is not. For that you need a diary. Most online diaries do not have much visual appeal. But with Daileez you get a feature-rich visually brilliant virtual diary.

Dialeez is a free web service that can be used as a virtual visual diary. While creating an account on the site you can choose to keep your diary public or private. The site lets you record any thoughts for the day and then view them later. While adding notes and thoughts to a day, you can add many icons offered by Daileez.

The icons correspond to various activities such as a visit the doctor or quarreling. These icons make your diary entries more colorful. Optionally you can link your Facebook and Twitter accounts with your Daileez account; when the accounts are linked, you are able to quickly update your status across Facebook and Twitter.


* A user friendly virtual diary.
* You can keep your diary public or private.
* Can be linked with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
* Various icons make your diary posts more colorful.

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Thanks to, especially for:

Most online diaries do not have much visual appeal. But with Daileez you get a feature-rich visually brilliant virtual diary.

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July 19th, 2010

Turning Your Life Into Icons

This is a site that aims to redefine or at least update the concept of keeping a diary where you chronicle all the things you do, and your every changing mood. The idea is that instead of typing it all down you will use icons that represent what has happened and the way that that makes you feel. These icons can be accompanied by short reports and summaries, and you will be able to share everything on social resources like Facebook. Nobody would deny that an iconized summary of how you are feeling communicates everything far more directly than a long string of text – most people just wouldn’t bother with the latter unless they are good friends of yours, whereas the former is instantly accessible and likable.

As a service, Daileez costs nothing. You can create your own account in a couple of keystrokes and clicks, and you can also get in directly by using Facebook Connect. The service functions exactly alike in both cases, and you are given the option to have a public or private diary. in their own words

“First icon online diary & journal.”

Why might be a killer

It is a more memorable way to transmit how you feel. It sure beats writing text updates.

Thank you, KillerStartups ;-) – new landing page launched

July 1st, 2010

We came with new design to increase conversion rate of visitors to become registered
users. We felt the previous landing page was not as good for this purpose. So we learned
from other web 2.0 sites what we should change and add to make more visitors register.

From the first days after launch we are sure it was good idea and the conversion rate
is going up.

Remember that Daileez is first icon online diary where you can express your days quickly
and easily with clicking on icons.

Daileez trends: our users love football!

June 23rd, 2010

Since the start of the Fifa World Cup in South Africa we’ve noticed a huge increase in the amount of people watching TV. This obviously can’t be a coincidence and it means Daileez users love football and want to let their friends know.

The World Cup in South Africa is a huge success

This year’s football World Cup has brought us several surprising games. The matches are at very high level and they’re very enjoyable to watch. Some people might be annoyed by the traditional South African trumpet, vuvuzela, but that doesn’t stop the majority from watching and enjoying the game.

Football has its own special icon on Daileez

If you like to play football, you can use the online journal Daileez to let your friends know. Daileez has a special football icon prepared just for you. Click on the easily recognizable icon and all your friends will know you’re going to play some football. They might even join you!

Are you interested in more trends?

If you want to find out more about the current trends in society, join our online diary. Create your own account on Daileez and browse the statistics. You’ll be sure to make some very interesting observations!

Daileez: ICONIZE Your Emotions | Personal Diary

June 8th, 2010

Descending from the apes and chimpanzees, we are heading towards robot-like existences. I’m sure our responses to the correctness or incorrectness of this will be as myriad as the number of species of life existing on this planet. But I sincerely hope that we all choose to continue to exist as homo-sapiens- taking along with it the good, the bad and the ugly.

And what makes us good, bad or ugly? It is our thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, et al. You go hug and kiss when feeling good, hit out or shout out your bad temper, cry and laugh out your emotions. Hey, did you know that you can even ICONIZE your emotions, thoughts and feelings now? Express and share them with people at large on the web. Hop on to the website

Make a diary of it. And yes, you can turn back to the old pages of your diary to recap on what your state of mind was like on a particular date or in a particular period of time. Share them with those you want to. Check out where the rest of the world is headed on the mental platform. Who knows, it might make a Sigmund Freud out of you!