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Daileez trends: our users love football!

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Since the start of the Fifa World Cup in South Africa we’ve noticed a huge increase in the amount of people watching TV. This obviously can’t be a coincidence and it means Daileez users love football and want to let their friends know.

The World Cup in South Africa is a huge success

This year’s football World Cup has brought us several surprising games. The matches are at very high level and they’re very enjoyable to watch. Some people might be annoyed by the traditional South African trumpet, vuvuzela, but that doesn’t stop the majority from watching and enjoying the game.

Football has its own special icon on Daileez

If you like to play football, you can use the online journal Daileez to let your friends know. Daileez has a special football icon prepared just for you. Click on the easily recognizable icon and all your friends will know you’re going to play some football. They might even join you!

Are you interested in more trends?

If you want to find out more about the current trends in society, join our online diary. Create your own account on Daileez and browse the statistics. You’ll be sure to make some very interesting observations!