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Monday, August 30th, 2010

Get Your Own Online Diary That Lets Your Express Yourself Fully With Daileez

Online social networks are today scattered all over the internet. In addition to Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, and MySpace, there are countless other social networks you might not even have heard of. While these networks serve the purpose of helping you keep in touch with friends and family, they do not help you with keeping a track of your life – that can only be done through a diary.

Writing a diary mean documenting your days. You write what happened every day; then as time passes you read about your past events and feelings; this can be a great way to analyze how you have grown. Social networks do not offer this facility. Thankfully “Daileez” does.

Daileez can be you online diary that lets you express yourself fully. In a physical diary all you can store is text and doodles. But using Dialeez you can sign up for a free account and then start recording everyday via textual notes and emoticons.

These emoticons can be used as shortcuts too; for instance the first aid emoticon can be used to represent a visit to the doctor or an injury. The airplane icon can be used to mark journeys by air. This way you can express yourself without having to type a lot.

A bonus feature of the site is its ability to link Facebook and Twitter accounts with itself. While typing in a new message on Daileez you can choose it to simultaneously be posted on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Anybody who wants to keep a record of his days and how he / she spent them will find Daileez to be highly helpful.

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This year’s August is extraordinary!

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

What’s so extraordinary about this August, you ask? It’s just another ordinary months, you think?
You couldn’t be more wrong! Did you know this August actually has 5 Sundays, 5 Mondays and
even 5 Tuesdays?!

Granted, that might not seem all that impressive to you. But the interesting thing about this is… last
time this happened was over 800 years ago! That’s really strange, right? One would think this kind
of constellation would happen more often, considering we only have 7 days in one week…

You would know if you used Daileez!

Thanks to Daileez’ built in calendar widget you could have noticed that yourself. And this is just
another thing you can find out while enjoying Daileez, the online diary. You could use Daileez to
instantly share these little interesting things with your friends. Be the first one in the group to know
these news!

Daileez calendar widget allows you to see all the days in the month in orderly manner. You can
click the days to find out what was your day like back then. This is great for those of us who are a
bit forgetful. So go ahead and try Daileez yourself!