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Daileez: ICONIZE Your Emotions | Personal Diary

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Descending from the apes and chimpanzees, we are heading towards robot-like existences. I’m sure our responses to the correctness or incorrectness of this will be as myriad as the number of species of life existing on this planet. But I sincerely hope that we all choose to continue to exist as homo-sapiens- taking along with it the good, the bad and the ugly.

And what makes us good, bad or ugly? It is our thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, et al. You go hug and kiss when feeling good, hit out or shout out your bad temper, cry and laugh out your emotions. Hey, did you know that you can even ICONIZE your emotions, thoughts and feelings now? Express and share them with people at large on the web. Hop on to the website

Make a diary of it. And yes, you can turn back to the old pages of your diary to recap on what your state of mind was like on a particular date or in a particular period of time. Share them with those you want to. Check out where the rest of the world is headed on the mental platform. Who knows, it might make a Sigmund Freud out of you!