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New Daileez features

Friday, September 10th, 2010

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just launched new features on the Daileez website:

  • weight diary – track your daily bodyweight (find it in the My Diary section)
  • you can choose exactly what to post on your Facebook wall (icons, summary, weight)
  • publish your microblog – your friends see this when they browse your profile
  • add the Daileez widget to your pages or blog (you can find the HTML code in Settings)

If there’s something you didn’t like on Daileez, if you have any tips for us, or maybe an idea for a new feature or a new icon, or if you have any complaint, we’d love you to tell us about it. If we really like your ideas, we’ll turn them into reality on Daileez. For the first 10 ideas we decide to turn into reality, we’ll put 5 USD on your PayPal account.

Thank you (and keep iconizing!)

Your Daileez team.